Monday, December 5, 2016

Supplementary Exam Date Sheet for BA / B.Sc Part - I & II 2016

Admission Interview for MPhil / PhD in Chemistry

Admission Interview for PhD in Management Sciences

Admission Interview for MPhil/PhD in Islamic Studies

Seminar on "Model-based Control of Neuronal Systems"

Weekly Seminar at Department of Pashto

A weekly seminar at department of Pashto was held in the department at main campus Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. Mr. Mushtaq Majrooh yousafzai was the key speaker, who delivered his lecture on issues and problems in "PUKHTU IMLA"

تېره ورځ په پښتو څانګه کښې د پښتو املا په حواله سېمينار وشو. دې سېمينار ته محترم مشتاق مجروح يوسفزي صېب د مېلمه مقرر په توګه د خپلو خيالاتو اظهار وکړو. هغوي د خپلې وېنا په مهال د تاريخ په بهير د پښتو ليک دود په بېلا بېلو پړاونو ړڼا واچوله.سره ددې ېې د املا په بابله د استادانو نظريات او د لراو بر پښتونخوا په املا کښې د توپير اسباب هم زده کونکو ته بيان کړل




Friday, December 2, 2016

Department of Physics Weekly Seminar

In the continuation of the Department of Physics weekly seminar series, Prof. Dr. Anisa Qamar, from Department of Physics, University of Peshawar delivered talk on Magnetic Reconnection Theory. The seminar was organized by Dr. Mian Akif Safeen, Dr. Mian Kashif Safeen and Dr. Raz Muhammad, Department of Physics AWKUM.
Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Khan, the Chairman Department of Physics and Dean Faculty of Physical and Numerical Sciences, AWKUM, welcomed the speaker and the participants of the event. The seminar was attended by faculty members, graduate scholars and under graduate students. After the talk, an interactive session of the speaker with the students was conducted.