Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dr. Ghanim Ullah, Delivered a Talk on Model-based Control of Neuronal Systems

A speaker from Florida State University USA, Dr. Ghanim Ullah, delivered a talk on Model-based Control of Neuronal Systems in the Department of Physics, AWKUM. Dr. Saima Naz, welcomed the speaker and the participants of the event.
In his presentation, he spoke about the prior detection mechanism and control of the seizure disease in human body using Kalman Filter Model. The seminar was attended by faculty members of interdisciplinary fields (physical, chemical and biological sciences), graduate scholars and under graduate students. After the talk, an interactive session of the speaker with the students was conducted. Finally, Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Khan, the Chairman Department of Physics and Dean Faculty of Physical and Numerical Sciences, AWKUM, concluded the session.  

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