Monday, January 23, 2017

University Exams Will Be Conducted as Per Schedule

It is for the information of all concerns that in the meeting of all Deans, Head of Departments and Head of Sections the decisions is taken that University will remain open with normal activities.
Decision is also taken that all examinations will be held as per schedule


  1. Dear sar when you announced Islamic studies result

  2. nor sa m nishtaa kho student ta mo chal jorh karhiii d... kala wai exam shta kala wai exam nishtaaa.. uni na mo sama rajwarhaaa jorha karhiiii da.. kaaaar ba oko o rabasaho paper la no wai ba paper nishta .. chiiii da uni chalawalo chal na darzi no banda e k kana marha....

  3. Ao kna mra.serff da uni da 6 result pta na lgi

  4. Sirf awkum me 2 months ka semstet hota he aur two months me b 1 month ki chutyan mtlb 6 months ka cource awkum me sirf ek month me complete hota he lol!


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