Thursday, April 13, 2017

Notification Regarding PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme

It is notified for the information of all those students of Master, MPhil, MS, LLM, MBA and PhD programmes who belongs to FATA, Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Chitral, Malakand, Dir and less developed areas (available on HEC website) are directed to register / validate their selves before 15 April, 2017 on HEC website:


  1. Thank you for registering for financial year 2016-17 under "Prime Minister Tuition Fee Reimbursement Scheme for less developed areas". Please note that your candidature against the scheme will be considered once the focal person of your university/college will approve your online application. You are advised to contact your focal person to approve your status at earliest but not later than 15th April 2017, after that you will not be considered for this scheme

    1. My status is approved is it ok or may I need further process?

  2. what is this is this our university responsibility ? or not?

  3. how can I contact plz send me cell no. of pocal man
    for approve out status


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