Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. Tahir Usman, Assistant Professor, Published Two Papers

Dr. Tahir Usman, Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Sciences published 2 research papers in International peer reviewed Impact factors journals.
1. Tahir Usman, Ying Yu, Liwei Zhai, Chao Liu, Xiao Wang and Yachun Wang (2016). Association of SNPs in CD4 gene with fat percentage of Holstein cattle. Genetics and Molecular Research 15 (3): doi: gmr15038697 
2. Yuezhen Tian, Tahir Usman*, Kechuan Tian, Jiang Di, Xixia Huang, Xinming Xu, Hanikezi, Weiwei Wu, Xuefeng Fu, Yan Bai, Mayila, Aimaiti (2016). Comparative study of 13 candidate genes applying multi-reference normalization to detect the expression of different fineness in skin tissues of wool sheepGenetics and Molecular Research 16(1). doi: 10.4238/gmr16018905.

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