Thursday, March 22, 2018

International Day of Forests is Celebrated at AWKUM

International Day of Forests is celebrated around the world every year on 21st March to raise awareness among the people in the society about the significance of forest and the scores of benefits which are gained from them. The day is internationally observed to establish the anatomy of forestry like production, recreation, protection and the major contribution to the living organisms. Countries all over the world are encouraged to undertake efforts to organize local, national, and international activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns, seminars, and mass awareness campaigns on this day.
To celebrate this day, AWKUM Greens (Society of Environmental Science Students) organized a seminar and tree plantation campaign at the Garden campus of the university on 21st March 2018. Dr. Aurangzeb Khan, Dean Faculty of physical and numerical sciences was the chief guest on the occasion. The program started with a walk around the campus by the faculty and students of the university. After that Dr. Aurangzeb Khan planted a tree infront of the Academic Block followed by plantation by Dr. Hamayun, Dr. Saeed Islam, Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Qasim, and the faculty of Environmental Science Department. Prayers were offered for the success of this university and peace in the nation. After the plantation by guests the program shifted to the conference hall of Department of Environmental Sciences. The official program started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Arifullah. Dr. Farhan Shams then gave a brief description about the department of Environmental Sciences. Dr. Muhammad Qasim, chairman department of Environmental Sciences gave a presentation on current status of forests in Pakistan and its future in Climate Change scenario. Dr. Sajjad in his remarks on the occasion stressed the importance of forests for our survival. Dr. Saeed Islam said that the future of our planet is in the hands of our youth. Dr. Waheed Murad in his comments praised Allah (S.W.T) for blessing Pakistan with a variety of climatic conditions and the best geographical location. The chief guest of the occasion, Dr. Aurangzeb in his comments praised the department of Environmental Sciences for taking the initiative. He also advised the youth to preserve the remaining forest resources of the country for future generations. The ceremony came to end with the distribution of certificates among the high grade achievers of the department by the chief guest. After that the students of Department of Environmental Sciences planted around 200 tress around the campus. The plantation campaign will continue tomorrow as well.
It is the duty of each and every individual to participate in the welfare of forest. Such events and activities always promise to encourage the sense of inspiration in the public.

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