Friday, March 24, 2017

Department of Physics, AWKUM Participated in International Scientific School 2017

A group of faculty members and graduate students from Department of Physics, AWKUM, actively participated in the International Scientific School (ISS), March 13-17, 2017. The ISS-2017 was jointly organized by the National Center for Physics, Islamabad and the Abduls Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy. The School was attended by world renowned scientist from Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, China, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, UK and USA.
The following were the contribution from Department of Physics, AWKUM.
Dr. Mian Akif Safeen (Assistant Professor),“Non-volatile, reversible metal-insulator transition in oxide interfaces controlled by gate voltage and light” (Oral talk)
Dr. Mian Kashif Safeen (Assistant Professor),“Synthesis of conductive and transparent TiO2:Nb films at low temperature” (Oral talk)
Dr. Muhammad Ajaz (Assistant Professor), “Hadron production measurement of NA61/SHINE for the T2K experiment”(Poster presentation)
Khizar Hayat, (Assistant Professor) (Participation)
Miss Lubna Shamshad (PhD. scholar, Supervisor: Dr. Gul Rooh)“Luminescence and white Light Generation Analysis of Dy3+ doped Silicoborate Glasses” (Oral talk)
Mr. Shoiab (PhD. scholar, Dr. Gul Rooh), “Luminescent Properties of Mixed Alkali Borate Glasses Doped with Tb3+ ion” (Poster presentation)
Mr. Naseer Wali (M.Phil. scholar, Supervisor: Dr. Kashif Safeen) (Participation)
Mr. Mazhar(M.Phil. scholar, Supervisor: Dr. Kashif Safeen) (Participation)
Mr. Ali Nawaz (M.Phil. scholar, Supervisor: Dr. Ajaz) (Participation)

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