Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mr. Ifthikhar Sher and Mr. Ikram Ul Haq Have Completed Their MPHIL In Pharmaceutical Sciences Under The Supervision of Prof. Dr. Salimullah Khan

Mr. Ifthikhar Sher and Mr. Ikram ul Haq have completed their MPHIL in Pharmaceutical Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Salimullah Khan Department of Pharmacy Abdul Wali Khan University. Prof. Dr. Roohullah was the external examiner.

Mr. Iftikhar Sher has completed his research on the “Formulation and Characterization of Berberis lyciem containing Nanoemulsion" where Ikram ul Haq has completed his studies on “Pharmacological validation of herbal products used for the treatment of diarrhea”. 

The external examiner appreciated the work of both researchers and called such research in pharmacy a need of the day to provide scientific reasons for use of medicinal plants as remedy and reduce drug burden during treatment. On this occasion representative of Director Academics, Dean, supervisor and all teaching faculty of Pharmacy were also present. 


  1. cngrtx both of u,,,success and representator for the awkum pharmacy,,Allah bless u both,,


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