Thursday, January 25, 2018

16th International Conference on Statistical Sciences

16th International Conference on Statistical Sciences:

Advances in Statistics and Data Science: It’s Role in

National Growth and Socio-Economic Developments

Conference Topics:

1)           Advances in Statistics Techniques, Analyses and Methods

2)           Statistical Sciences and its Challenges in Management Sciences

3)           Human Resources Management & Development, Financial Management, Islamic Finance &Islamic Economics

4)           Big and SMOG Data Analysis

5)           Citizen Science and Statistics

6)           Advances in Data Science

7)           Statistical, Mathematical & Econometric Modeling

8)           CPEC: Statistical Challenges and its Impact on Socio-Economic Development and Implications for International Business

9)           Bioinformatics

10)       Education Statistics

11)       Biostatistics and Public Health & Healthcare

12)       Environmetrics

13)       Actuarial Sciences & Risk Management

14)           Computer Science and Information Technology

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