Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Visit of Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. M. Khurshid Khan to Timergara Campus

The Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. M. Khurshid Khan, paid a visit to AWKUM (Timergara Campus) on January 08, 2018. In his maiden visit to the campus, he appreciated the efforts of the Coordinator, Mr. Minhaj-ud-Din, faculty and administrative staff of the campus for their valuable efforts in maintaining the academic and professional environment of the campus. He stressed the importance of quality in education which is the hall-mark of AWKUM. He reiterated his resolve that AWKUM (Timergara campus) will always cater to the educational needs of the people in far- flung areas and will always strive for the betterment of the people.

On this occasion, he inaugurated the recently constructed Security Room and appreciated the efforts of the coordinator in this regard. He also promised his support in resolving the genuine issues that the campus has been facing. He thanked the staff at campus for their warm hospitality and promised to ameliorate and augment the general condition of the campus in the very near future.

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