Thursday, February 2, 2017

Circular From Office of The Registrar


  1. At last moment the AWKUM admin Realize the matter. Its too late but so for so good.

  2. this is very good but the administration is also requested to call the HODs etc on proper call letter with agenda/ working paper. Calling for a meeting via a phone call 30 min prior to meeting is also a fooling with HODs

    1. it is not a prier order every one has their own approach to the concern officer they visit to their offices during duty times and duty related issues. no one is free visitor they are their own friends collegues etc

  3. This Order is appreciated but the administration office is requested to be punctual and at time. it is observed that employees and officers can be seen after 10 am in their offices.

  4. All the employees of the AWKUM are like Vice chancellors. I am strongly dis hurt form AWKUM. I request to VC co cut-off all the bagher belay from all the depts. Also change the Abrar, riasat, other more others TCs.


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