Tuesday, November 15, 2016

AWKUM Timergara Campus Participated in an event "Light It" organized by City University Peshawar

AWKUM Timergara Campus participated - under the supervision of Mr. Masoud and Mr. Ishtiaq, Lecturers in Computer Science - in an event "Light It" organized by City University Peshawar.

To the event, students of KP universities were invited for competition in different fields. It is a matter of great pride that students of Timergara campus received first position in software project exhibition and second position in Drama competition.

The participants in the event applauded the potential and talent of the campus students. It is need of the hour to keep abreast with the rapidly growing world of information and Technology. And indeed, it is the result of the concerted and generous efforts of the faculty who forged a conducive environment for the students to explore their hidden personalities and come up with innovations and discoveries.


  1. Congratx to us and credit goes to Sir Ishtiaq and Sir Masood, without them we are nothing..
    Thank you teachers for such encouragement and appreciation..


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