Thursday, November 17, 2016

Department of Pharmacy, AWKUM celebrated World Diabetes Day 2016

The Department of Pharmacy, AWKUM celebrated World Diabetes Day-2016 in collaboration with Novo Nordisk (Pvt) Ltd. on Monday.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on 14th November every year around the globe in order to increase awareness about diabetes. This day is an officially recognized UN day and has got its significance in the Diabetes calendar as it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered insulin in 1922, the Fredrick Banting.

The students, staff and faculty members of Pharmacy department warmly welcomed the honorable vice chancellor and other distinguished guests. The session started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. The Dean Faculty of Chemical & life Sciences & Chairman Pharmacy Department, Prof. Dr. Salimullah Khan presented a lecture on Diabetes and highlighted the types, causes, prevention and control of Diabetes. He also introduced the theme of the World Diabetes Day i.e., “Eyes on Diabetes” and campaign slogan for this year i.e., “Enhanced screening for Diabetes”. He also added that screening for diabetes is essential in order to prevent the serious and life threatening complications of diabetes such as blindness, amputation, kidney failure etc. Prof. Dr. Salimullah Khan shared some figures that currently there are 415 million people living with diabetes worldwide. By 2040, the number will rise to 642 million. Diabetes had resulted 5 million deaths in 2015, every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes and diabetes related complications. In Pakistan the diabetes prevalence is on the rise. Celebrations of such globally recognized events regarding diabetes awareness in Pakistan will play a crucial role in managing this disease in a better manner.

While addressing the participants of this event, the honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali shared his precious words and appreciated the event organized by Pharmacy Department. He emphasized on the prevention and best management of diabetes by including a walk of at least 30 min in daily life. He also added that he keep himself involved in many physical activities all the day to remain healthy. The worthy Vice Chancellor also stressed for adopting healthy lifestyle and awareness about the disease management. He also suggested that such types of events may be extended to other campuses of AWKUM to enhance awareness regarding Diabetes.

A step toward the slogan for this year, Pharmacy Department arranged a free blood screening camp in collaboration with Novo Nordisk (Pvt) Ltd. where blood glucose level testing was offered to all the participants. Other blood tests including blood group determination and hepatitis B & C tests were also offered for free. The honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali inaugurated the camp by cutting the strip and also participated in blood screening campaign by having several pricks for various blood tests. An awareness walk regarding diabetes management was also carried out in the university under the leadership of worthy Vice Chancellor. The session ended with a group photo of the walk’s participants with the honorable vice chancellor.


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