Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dengue Control and Its Awareness, A Seminar In The Department of Zoology, AWKUM

Assistant Professor Dr. Abid Ali (Molecular Parasitologist) and Assistant Professor Dr. Khurshaid Khan (Medical Entomologist), in the Department of Zoology, AWKUM arranged a seminar (24 April, 2017) on dengue control and its awareness in the Department of Zoology, University College of Science Shankar, AWKUM.

Assistant Professor Dr. Gauher Rehman, Department of Zoology, Mr. Waqas Shams, demonstrator, students of Bio-chemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science and Zoology Departments participated. Dr. Khurshaid Khan delivered a comprehensive lecture on dengue, its worldwide distribution, epidemics of this viral infection in Pakistan, life cycle of Aedes mosquitoes and their habit and habitats. He also discussed the control of Aedes mosquitoes and the awareness of dengue. Dr. Khan stated that dengue is an urban disease and usually associated to human habitation. Human play a key role in its spreading. The seasonality of the Aedes species and dengue was also discussed by him.

Dr. Abid Ali, discussed the molecular and genetic control of Aedes mosquitoes. He elaborated the importance of gene expression in the control of dengue infection and the Aedes mosquitoes.

Both the Assistant Professors given the answers of different questions of students related to the dengue and its vectors.

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