Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mufti Muhammad Numan along with Dr. Hafiz Salih ud Din Deliver a Talk Main Campus

اصلاح فرداور معاشرے میی موثر شخصیت کے بنیادی اوصاف

Mufti Muhammad Numan along with Dr. Hafiz Salih ud Din, Associate Prof were invited by the Office of Coordinator main campus to deliver a talk on the above topic. Teachers, staff and students participated in the seminar. The talk encompasses almost 14 characteristics derived from Quran and Hadith that nourishes personality. The speaker advised the participants to follow taqwa, strive for halaal rizq, help each other, forgive and respect each other. Students were advised to concentrate on study and show gre at respect for teachers. Teachers were asked to take care of time. The session was followed by question and answer from participants. Dr. Salih ud Din also assisted the speaker in responding to questions.  Coordinator Main Campus while concluding the session warmly thanked the guest speaker and particularly Dr. Salih ud Din for providing this opportunity to main campus. Dr. Hussain Ali very beautifully Hosted the session.

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